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Ace your interview 🎾 

Get Constructive feedback

Breathing exercises



Working from home/office

CV & LinkedIn profile

Get the salary you deserve

The power of LinkedIn

Selling yourself

Interview preparation for ADHD and anxiety

Interviews are a two-way street

Preparing for interview like a 
caffeinated squirrel on steroids 

The interview DON'TS 

Secure your dream job 

A spooooky Interview 

Overcoming nerves at Interview 

  • Nerves are a good thing - they mean you want to be successful ​

  • Breathing exercises a few minutes before your interview will calm you down​

  • Fresh air helps - go for walk half an hour before the interview

  • Do not check social media before your interview ​

  • Listen to music

  • This is your opportunity to sell yourself - look forward to it!

Candidate experience basics for companies 

  • Build a strong careers page ​

  • Be transparent about your expectations​

  • Keep application forms short ​

  • Treat candidates like you would like to be treated​

  • Use a structured interview process​

  • Measure your candidate experience 

Be visible on LinkedIn

  • "open to work" banner on photo 

  • Show profile photos – select "All LinkedIn members"

  • Link your Twitter account under "Twitter settings"​

  • Make sure contact details are visible ​

  • Profile Viewing – Set to "your name and headline" ​

  • Switch on "Share your profile when you click Apply for a job"​

  • Set up job notifications 

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