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The roadmap to your dream job!

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The roadmap to your dream job!

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Collaborative interview coaching

Interview coaching for ADHD & Anxiety

B2B interviewer

Take control of your career 

Unlock your superpower

Hire the best talent

  • Provide bespoke job interview preparation advice and guidance to ensure you are prepared for any process.
  • Empower you to get the results you want from your interviews.
  • Empower neurodiverse talent to achieve your dream career.
  • Give you the confidence to navigate any interview process.
  • Improve your interview process so candidates choose you as their employer of choice.

  • Provide bespoke training to ensure your hiring team gets the best results.

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Award winning job interview preparation.
Top manager office

"Success is not a destination, it's a journey. Enjoy the process and celebrate every small achievement along the way" 
Steve Bartlett

I have 13 years of experience in the recruitment world and am an expert in all facets of the industry.

I understand that interviewing can be stressful. I have experienced how this process can affect your mental health - I am here to support people of all levels and backgrounds on their interview journey. Additionally, I have experienced redundancy three times and know how it can affect you and those around you. 

I also empower individuals who live with ADHD/ADD and/or any level of anxiety on their interview journey.

Through my extensive experience as a recruitment manager, I know what companies need to do to enhance their candidate experience and secure top talent. I can train hiring managers to improve their recruitment strategy, enhance candidate experience which leads to increased employee retention.

No matter who you are, preparation is the key to success. I can help you increase your confidence and secure your dream job.

Qualifications: MSc in International Business; BA in Business Administration; Certificate in Understanding ADHD; Diploma in Leadership, Change Management.

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CEO/Founder & Interview Coach at



Owen was an incredible factor in helping me successfully secure a job with one of Irelands biggest companies. His presentations and life/work experience gives a fantastic insight into the interview process and I would recommend to anyone who needs the extra push in getting that dream job!

Oisin M.  (Specialist - FMCG company)

Our services

Job interview coaching

CV review - we can help you write yours to get your dream job

CV review

Interview techniques - negotiate your dream salary!

Negotiate like a pro

Interview etiquette - do's and dont's for interview training

Interview etiquette 

Training and advice for overcoming nerves at interview

Overcome nerves 

B2B interviewer coaching

Improve your candidate experience - attract the right talent

Improve your candidate experience

Attract the best talent - improve candidate experience

Transform your interview process

Training for hiring managers - improve candidate experience

Train your hiring managers

Unconscious Bias for your hiring managers - get the best talent

Unconscious Bias


Job Interview Hacks

Professional Milestones

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Backed by AIB - entrenpeneur, career and interview coaching
LinkedIn training for refugees - navigate the Irish interview process
LinkedIn training - tips for interviewees navigating the Irish job market
LinkedIn training for refugees - Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace. Train your team
DLR County Chamber Awards - nominated for career and interview advice pictured with Cormac Devlin
Career and interview coach providing advice on interview tips for ADHD and anxiety sufferers

"Sockuring your
dream job"

Every client gets a free pair of exclusive lucky interview socks.

Professional Milestones


Our mission & values

We are passionate about empowering our clients to succeed.


We believe in empowering  individuals of all abilities to achieve their dream job. 

Customer Focus

We are dedicated to learning about our customers’ needs to deliver the highest quality service.


We respect that everyone is  equal and can share their ideas and concerns without judgement. 

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